Fruit Trees

apple tree

What is a Fruit Tree?

Fruit trees are grown around the world in many different climates and are a food and income source for many. A fruit tree is a tree which flowers and then ripens to bear fruit that contain one or more seeds. However this is not a clear enough definition as all trees that flower bear fruit, as it is part of their germination process. The reference of a fruit tree is usually only given to trees that bare fruit that is suitable for a person to eat.

The science of Pomology has developed in horticulture to be specific to the science of cultivating fruit trees and also the study of their physiology. Fruit trees are usually divided into two classifications, those that are pome fruits – fruits that have many seeds, and those that are stone fruits – trees which bare fruit such as the plums and cherries (fruits with a single seed)
As the demand for fruit of more and more varied varieties grows and the transportation and preserving of the fruit becomes easier, more and more orchards of frit trees are grown around the world. Large farms often supply just one supermarket chain or food Production Company. There is now an increasing demand for fruit that is grown in a more eco friendly manner and without the use of pesticides. These organic fruit tree farms can charge more for their fruit and is a growing industry for the smaller farming businesses.